Special Delivery: Erica Weiner

Get it while you can! The porcupine quill earrings and elephant hair rings are just flying out the door!!

A little about more about the brand:

Erica started designing and making jewelry out of her LES apartment in 2005. Before that, she honed her design and production skills as a theatrical costumer and samplemaker in the fashion industry. Over the years and throughout her travels, she gathered a collection of curiosities and used them to develop a line of jewelry with an emphasis on craftsmanship and affordability. The collection grew exponentially, as did her fan base. There seemed to be a never-ending demand for locally made, affordable vintage-inspired jewelry, designed with a sense of humor. Erica Weiner Jewelry can now be found in shops around the world.
In 2007, Erica and co-founder Lindsay Salmon moved the studio into a sun-filled workspace on Chrystie Street. Together they travel around the country, searching out interesting materials to transform into new jewelry. A team of trusted friends carry out almost every aspect of the business in-house. They believe in responsible employment (that means health insurance for everyone working here).
Their environmental policy: Packing materials are reused and mailers are 90% post-consumer paper and 100% recyclable. About half of their jewelry materials are vintage, dead stock and re-purposed. They offset 300% of our carbon output through www.carbonfund.org. Most importantly, all of their jewelry is handmade in NYC; it always has been and always will be.

5% of all after-tax profits from Erica Weiner Jewelry are donated to charities.

and now the goods:




Trending: Birds of a Feather

We’ve noticed a theme working it’s way through the store. It started with the decor, moved in to the prints of the clothes and now it’s taking over the jewelry…..

The enameled armoir in the couture department.
Print on a Hoss dress.

Put a bird on it!

Kaliedoscope peacock feather print on Cynthia Vincent dress. Groovy!

Mara Hoffman Aztec rainbow firebird print tunic.
Gold embroidery detail of back pocket of Made in Heaven white denim skinny jeans.
Gold plated brass feather bracelet from Brooklyn based artist, Erica Weiner.
Love this trend, so delicate and feminine. Shown here with gold plated brass twig bangles by Brooklyn based artist, Erica Weiner.
Erica Weiner solid sterling silver or gold plated feather rings.