Photo booth Fun!

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Big thanks to Jenny Kirtland for the photo booth!

Party Pics!

The social season is off to a swell start at Elements with events celebrating two of our favorite denim brands- Calvin Rucker and Troa! Thank you to all of our beautiful guests for attending, to D Style Sheet and the Photo-Wagon for capturing all of these magical moments and special thanks to DJ Jane Aldridge, Bethan and Robert Cody Maxwell & the Gentlemen Vain for providing tunes!

TROA Elements Shopping Party 6828 TROA Elements Shopping Party 6833 TROA Elements Shopping Party 6826 TROA Elements Shopping Party 6823 TROA Elements Shopping Party 6815Elements Calvin Rucker StyleSheet 7509TROA Elements Shopping Party 6816   Elements Calvin Rucker StyleSheet 7508 Elements Calvin Rucker StyleSheet 7501

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Blogger Love

We feel so fortunate to be friends with such beautiful bloggers! (Jane, Devon, Merritt) Get the look – shop these styles from Troa and Allison Mitchell available exclusively at Elements in Dallas!

10445460_10152559540944516_6558588475746126724_n 10394527_10152794891089516_3112496330926897957_n  10672274_10152789515554516_9057232222353971632_n (1)10676348_10152794890659516_5041326544963973889_nTROA Elements Shopping Party 681610655285_10152854710499516_5257716581353402453_o    10634001_10152854710534516_3442613091252819783_o DevonRedPants08  DevonRedPants01

10703729_10152808589054516_6249627080500781293_n (1)troa-tuxedo-jeans-8

Elements Calvin Rucker StyleSheet 7508 AllisonMitchellFur   997080_10152835961764516_4812064059930934863_nElements Calvin Rucker StyleSheet 7509TROA Elements Shopping Party 6823 TROA Elements Shopping Party 6833

All photos credit our,,, our Instagram or D Style Sheet 

For Glamour Girls About to Rock, We Salute You.

Stunning new editorial work in the September issue of FD Luxe, featuring clothes and accessories from Elements. Styling by Stephanie Quadri and Brittany Winter, Hair by Shane Monden, Makeup by Ashley Robinson, Photography by Stephen Visneau.

Label We Love: EMMA COOK

Emma Cook merges attention to detail and respect for fine craftsmanship
with a lightness of touch and playful spirit. She is particularly renowned for
innovative prints often inspired by fantasy art and surrealism, though always
with a sense of humour.

Upon graduating from the prestigious Central Saint Martins MA course with
a distinction, Emma was swiftly employed for a period with Donna Karan in
New York and then Martine Sitbon in Paris before establishing her own label
in 2001, having received the Vidal Sasoon Award for new talent. Other awards
followed including the ‘New Designer of the Year’ at the Micheal Awards,
New York and ‘New Generation’ sponsorship from the BFC. Emma Cook
continued to show for 17 seasons on schedule in London before choosing
to move away from the catwalk to focus on developing her brand.

In conjunction with designing her own label, Emma Cook has collaborated
with brands such as Topshop, Fred Perry and Harvey Nichols as well as
teaching roles at both Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art.

With over 70 stockists worldwide including:, Harvey Nichols,
Selfridges and Opening Ceremony, the collections continue
to go from strength to strength. The brands high profile clients include Beyonce, Lana
del Ray, Florence Welch, Katy Perry, Chloe sevingey, Hillary Duff, Rihanna,
Courtney Love and Claudier Scheifer.








Cooks inventive, delicate and witty approach has established her as one of the
most directional and unique designers on the London fashion circuit.


Emma Cook, on her own designs:
I have always had a love of print and used it quite a lot in previous collections. In the past we also experimented with lots of different textile embellishments and surface patterns such as hand painting and applique. Recently we focused these ideas more into print, as it’s a much more affordable option and has so much scope. I really want my things to be affordable, so girls can wear them rather than just being in magazines.
The prints are really the most important part of the design so that always has to come first. Shapes are often quite simple, as fancy pattern cutting mixed with the print looks a bit uncool. The pattern is then made before we place the prints specifically for each garment, making sure that the print sits on the body exactly where it should. For example, [ensuring that] flowers make up a neckline, or a horse peers over your shoulder in just the right place
They are all things that often re-occur in our collections. I think that you have a love of certain things that you can’t get away from. It always starts with us all talking in the studio about what we would love to have. “Imagine having a dress with a giant horse on the front!” Then someone else saying, “Yes, and what if it had really cool braids all down one shoulder!”
I love the idea of making something really unique that you really cannot find anywhere else. If you pick it up in the shop, it’s now or never! At the same time it has to be really easy to wear!!”



Sea of Shoes + Anine Bing

We are so excited to have our favourite blogger (Jane Aldridge, naturally) here in the store with one of her favourite designers (ANINE BING!) Thursday, December 13th. We hope you can join us for food, drinks, music and of course shopping!!! The jacket and shoes that Jane wears will both be available for sale exclusively at Elements!